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Lost 2 hours worth of save games

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Yesterday, on patch day me and my friends decided to go on an adventure and explore the new Hedge lab and do a massive farm in the process.

We got the whole lab up and running. It was super nice to explore and we had a great time doing so.
Decided to gather some berries etc while we were in the neighborhood.
slept in our little farmbase build in the hedge, so we were ready to get back yo our main base.
Started the hike, came across a Wolfy and engaged and then all hell broke loose.

Friends dropped. wolfy bit me.  game over.
Friends couldn't get back in the game (which happens a fair few times, nothing to strange about that)
Quit to the main menu and wanted to load up the server again but to mu shock the only save file in there was one from before one of my mates joined. Around 2 hours back.

Everybody got annoyed and frustrated so we just decided to call it a day.

I have got autosaves on 5 min and max amount they can save. What happend that we lost all those save files? Is there a way to prevent this from happening again?

We love this game and understand it's still in development. But stuff like this is very demoralizing. We already had this happen once where my other friend was the host, but he lost all his save files so had to start after 40+ days game all over again.

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