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Iceflame's Small Bugs report

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We fired up a new game, so fresh start, but we're taking our time and testing different things while building our base, so it's probably nowhere near as far into the game yet as others may be.  I am posting as a client connecting to my friend's hosted game, and my internet speed is 6mb/s upload, 0.2mb/s download, so some things might be sync issues due to my cruddy net.  DxDiag included as well.

I'll post reproduction steps where able, but some of these are constant, random, or one-time only so far.  I also appear to not have a save file on my end as client, I may have to append this later with the host's save file if/when they can get it to me, as well as relevant screenshots (and video links when able).  I'll try to remember to return to this and strikeout issues that end up resolved.


Insect issues:

  • Am seeing ants getting stuck on rocks and unable to pathfind their way back off, especially the small rock propping up the Lemon Crime juice box.  Even attracting their aggro by attacking them or a nearby ant does not seem to solve it.
  • Ants are carrying items displaced to their right so it looks like the object is on their legs instead.  Host sees this one. 
    -- Additionally, they are randomly "dropping" items (I assume it's the despawn timer kicking in?) and the item models are hovering in the air but cannot be interacted with, so there are whole lines of small parcel bags going into the ant hills and some scattered around the map, all oriented vertically.  Host does not see this.  Will need to have the CTD bug fixed so I can grab a better screenshot.
  • Aphids are commonly getting "stuck" at the base of grass, unable to move or climb, just sitting there burbling or jumping in panic.  During the closed beta, this was uncommon, but in the current public beta build I have yet to see any aphid actually climb grass.  This makes them very easy pickings.

Item/entity issues:

  • Minor nitpick, but we have too many acorn tops with no uses, however they seem to have the highest proximity priority of the acorn drops.  I was trying to get the shells and bits instead, but the tops would always be picked up if nearby, even if I had the shell highlighted in my view.  This has been reproducible on my end, will need to see if Host has the same occurrence with the next run.
  • After felling a dandelion, one of the Weed Stems got lodged into a grass piece, then shot up in the air and damaged me when it fell on me.  Definitely good for a random laugh (seriously, what are the chances of this?), but I'm not sure these are supposed to damage the player?  Kind of a stroke of (un)luck so haven't been able to reproduce, however I feel it may be related to the bug that downed my character during the closed beta where standing on a tall multi-stalk grass while cutting it instantly downed me when it started to fall.  Physics jank perhaps?

UI/audio issues:

  • Crafting sound can be heard by all players regardless of distance, seems to also be tied to the currently known voice line distance bug because when it happens, I can also hear the host's character.
    -- Also, suggestion - why is it crunchy now??  it sounds like someone eating an apple in our ears!  Please revert it to the previous beta sound effect?  Unless this is an audio bug.
  • Subtitles randomly cut out and do not reactivate after speaking to BURGL for the first time, even with a menu toggle.  All other subtitles have been deactivated by this bug, except for the Dr. Tully cassettes, which still display appropriate subtitles.
  • Some location discovery zones do not register properly and can require multiple passes, particularly the juiceboxes.  I pressed up close to the Tropicop juice box trying to find the juice drop, with no discovery.  I was walking in the small ditch between the box and that small rise of ground with the mushrooms and twig when it activated, about fifteen minutes later.  Host had already been up and down in that area several times with no trigger.
  • Some Mutation notices are not popping up on my end, and this happened earlier in the closed beta as well.  I received the one for landmarks, but I don't know when, I only spotted it when I went to activate the Grass Cutter mutation, which did successfully display upon unlocking.  (perhaps a landmark discovery notification overrode the mutation notification?)
  • Client-side spoil timers do not show, it's just an empty black circle.
  • The Accessibility menu says that Arachnophobia Mode makes the spiders "look and sound" different, but I'm finding that the sounds are not changed at all.  Was this implemented at all or not yet?  Still creepy to hear a red-eyed floating rice ball make a hissing roar shortly before smacking me around.

General gameplay:

  • Client-side detection of nearby SCABs and/or Raw Science is still not working properly.  Retrieved the SCAB under the first laser, then the Panfish off the tree root, and neither one was detected.  Same applies for Raw Science orbs in BURGL's lab.  SCAB will blip for nearby research stations more reliably now, though.
  • Client still having some trouble with walls sticking up higher than stairs, causing a slight physics hiccup when climbing stairs or attempting to go back down.  Does not affect Host.  Can also reach Doors immediately under flooring to open or close them.  Both of these are constant.
  • Client attempted to fabricate first recipe of Green Machine smoothie, but could only generate Smoothie? items instead (tried three times, with Clover Leaf, Plant Fiber, and Sprig, in various orders).  Host attempted recipe immediately after and succeeded, with the same items.  Will need to try other recipes and see if client cannot craft first instances of recipes, or perhaps it was a sync issue.
  • Occasionally, when falling, pressing Shift to use a Tuft will not activate, or it'll flash out for maybe a frame and then vanish again with no loss of momentum.  Not reliably reproducible, may be a sync issue, Host is not having problems.
  • Sometimes, when charging swings such as an axe or club, there is no animation until the swing charge expires.  This tends to happen more often when breaking stalks and stems, but also happens randomly during combat.  Have not found a reliable method, may just be lag.


  • Game no longer locates friends when searching for multiplayer.  Have to manually join through Steam.  Unsure if this is an internet speed issue or not.  At first, it will simply spin and produce no results, but further attempts will yield an Error message almost immediately.  Joining through the Steam friends list or by direct Steam invite works to bypass this.
    EDIT: I encountered another bug in 2422 right after updating, where trying to search for games, or using the Steam option to Join, caused the game to kick me back out to the Press Any Key first screen.  After a fresh relog of Xbox credentials, the Game Search function found my friend's game and was able to initiate the joining process.  However, this seems to break every time further game searches are performed, which means I have to relog into Xbox every time I want to search for the host's connection.


  • Placing grass planks too quickly onto a pallet can cause the game to crash (client).  Encountered this before, during the early beta stages, before the first large patch.  Not reliably reproducible, but seems to occur when placing grass or stems while there are lots of nearby entities (planks, fibers, bug pieces, etc).  Have not been able to debug or test further due to the CTD issue covered in other topic threads, which started for me with this crash and summarily ended our session for the night.


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General Gameplay:

  • 9/24 - loaded older save file, the desync between host and client has led to the old berry issue, but this time with crow feathers.  Only host can see the real position of the feather...client sees...
    (unlisted on my Youtube channel)

If bumps are not advised for this forum, I can amend it to the first post instead.

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