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Engineering level 60 perk is so awesome!

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Hey guys. I just got my engineering skill up to level 60 and I’m loving it! No more do I have to purchase pristine items! I feel that pristine items are more worthwhile to modify with my precious few more potent modifications, and now all my items can be pristine if I repair them a few times :) so stoked! I really feel like getting your engineering to at least level 60 is a must. Not only can you easily enough make your essential gear better and more valuable, you can potentially double the value of items you sell if you want to throw a few item parts towards it. I’m pretty new to the game, but I think I’m going to work towards getting most of my skills to level 50 then work on science. I feel like tinkering is essential, and making it as cheap as possible would be ideal. I think if I can get science up to max, I could tinker all my unique items to max level eventually and have a ton of viable weapons at my disposal come endgame and dlcs. Anywhere else you guys think I should focus my points? Thanks and have a good day!

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