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Reed's Body After He Leaves Edgewater?

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On 8/23/2020 at 11:54 AM, comaprison said:

Is it possible to find Reed's body after he leaves Edgewater? I ask because I remember in Byzantium you can find that lady's body in the retirement room after lying to her about what you found.

That's a great question!  I haven't found it, but I haven't gone looking for it, either.  I realize I have some places I haven't been to in the Vale on my latest run-through; I'll go back and wander around and if I find it, I'll come back here and post about it. : )

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Well, I ran all over the Vale and explored as much as I could and did not find anything.  That doesn't mean he's not there, of course.  However, it doesn't surprise me, because if you were to find his body, it would kind of be a spoiler for later.

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