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Taming creatures

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Hey so I love the game and have loads of ideas for the game but the idea of taming is floating round, and had an idea where since u already have any eggs and spider lings, you could make it so u have to tame creatures by raising them into adults. So for an ant hatch a ant egg for a spider catch a spider ling in like a cage, this might also give options later for other baby creatures. Also think it would be cool to maybe have it so u can’t “ride/saddle” ever creature but just use them, so like ants they can carry building stuff around for you and a storage box? And make ladybugs and spiders ridable. I’m not sure on balancing this maybe having to many creatures can cause them to fight in one area? But love where the game is heading keep up the great work!   

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If you watch the interview with the developer, good watch!! Youll hear them talk about this and how its not happening anytime soon. But there will be means of transport coming i to the game soon i believe. 

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