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ideas for grounded love this game

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solo with auto friend join co op so if your brother or sister pick up controller it asks who they want to be cant pick your character but one of the others kinda like a guest person and they could have to make chest to put there stuff in when they want to join so like there not apart of the save just make them gear or help them gear and put in chest

maybe some moving land would be cool if you stand on the leaning cup and it pours on part of map and changes it near early mid game and maybe that's when the harder bosses start realising and roaming  or falling leafs and ppl walking around and leaving footprints and or a party night on saturday so the humans are stomping and you can feel the ground or every 7th day grocery day and the cut through the yard to get in car and changes the weather to make it windy earthquake 

combat moves to learn skills talent tree

also wind spouts or something so you can go far with the glider but only in one or two spots so its not main thing you do
also food or drink one should do the 1 health
no death but if you don't eat or drink you do die
and maybe just give a little better lighting to the lamps or make there a moon light that we can see the ground and trees like have the moon's reflection on the trees and water and ground
 just a little transparent not to much
bc you in your own base and the lamps have dark spots where you are blinded by the light and
everything is like in your face for the lights
i get that you want the lighting to be making you not see but just like fade the lighting for when you beside the lamp
also maybe some more robots and like evil tribes of them and friending some and have one or two hang at your base or maybe you could build one later in the game
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