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Building Bug?

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Having some issues with the building mechanics. 

Building scenario;

Stairs leading up to a second floor with walls behind the stairs up to the floor. When in the blueprint stage the wall will cut short of the floor above. After this is built it too cuts short of the floor above. (See attached picture on the left side). After logging out and in again it seems the grass wall has grown through the floor. (See attached picture on the right side). The amusing thing is that they will switch sides during a logout and in. Seems to only do this with grass walls. Tried with sturdy walls which remains at the set height no issues with this other than stairs leading the the sturdy walls you will have to jump to get onto floor at the top due to getting stuck at top step with the stem going horizontal.  Not ground breaking but I'm sure its not working as intended.


Thanks for another great game obsidian, already logged 38 hours and still loving it :) 


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