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mouse support for console

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the game ui is developed on pc for pc but in porting over to consoles you strip away functionality and force controler use even with the ui and button configurations still developed for keyboard and mouse. the keyboard functions as normal (YES CONSOLES HAVE USB PORTS) but not the mouse. controling a character in a video game that was developed for one controle meathod with a diffrent contole method creats several problems. for example dozens of unused funtions that would be handy in general gameplay become unusable unles you stop and reconfigure you buttons every time you change tasks. even looking around or aiming at targets becomes cumbersome when the aplication of the controles dont match the system provided. 

we know the game has mouse support on pc we know consoles can use keyboard and mouse(lots of paid and free games give mouse support) so why not give console players the option to use the original controle set the game is being developed with.

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