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Bugs n Glitchs

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So there's a few issues to assess with the game

1. Whenever someone joined a hosted game you drop under the map forever only fixed by jumping

2. the spring bow has a sideways arrow stuck on it all the time

3. Acorns, grass, and certain other objects and resources will not spawn back ever this happens with water droplets too been 4 days since last respawn on acorns alone

4. Ants keep getting to the second floor to destroy the chests

5. Spawn points with the lean to don't work at times and the lean to isn't destroyed

6. Certain places on clay foundations won't place other structures

7. Certain BURG.L and other Science tapes aren't able to be picked up like the one under the water drain where you swim through a dark tunnel I can't pick it up at all

8. The difficulty setting in the character menu doesn't work

Edited by Justin Andrew Drennan
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