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Controller Not Working

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I use a controller to play games on my computer, provided it's an option. I will experiment with Steam's Big Picture Mode, but for now in general when I start up the game it's a little buggy using a controller.

I can't exit the "sign-in" screen for xbox live without using the mouse, and sometimes when I start the game I can move around and access the menu, but I cannot deposit or remove items from my storage or exit storage altogether. I have to superquit and restart the game in Steam to get it to work properly, but even then it went into windowed mode instead of fullscreen so that was a little weird.

Anyway, point is that there are some bugs with the controller, as well as the tutorial not changing button icons when you customize your controls. I.E. if A is grab, it will still say, "press X to grab." These are minor but annoying glitches.

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