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Game-breaking bug in main quest

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I am the explorer type, so i found and killed the mites on the cable (to the laser closest to the starting point) before even approaching the "mysterious machine".
After pressing the first button I only got one sub-quest; the quest to fix the obstructed laser. After cutting the grass blade, the quest completed, but I got no new quest. And i have no option to interact with the second button. So now I have no ongoing mission, and no way to progress to where i can unlock more building pieces.
I realized afterwards, that killing the mites should have been a second objective after pressing the first button, but since that was already dealt with, I got no quest to investigate it, but apparently no credits for having fixed it already either. So basically I never got the sub-quest, since it were already done, and since I have not completed that sub-quest I wont get the next quest, and thus I can't progress.

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