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Some ideas & suggestions.

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Posted this on Reddit, so I'll post it here also. This is gonna be lengthy though:

1. Chandelier for roofs as they would be great.

2. Upgraded spike traps made of Larva pincers so they can poison aggressors. More traps in general would be better since you can utilize each for different scenarios.

3. Wolf Spider carpet with the head being displayed like those Bear carpets display them.

4. Bombardier acid bomb because more bombs = better game :) .

5. Bed so we can have something that is more fitting for a home .

6. More decorative and "Art" content such as a table, Basketball, stuffed Orb Weaver, etc.

7. Speaking of stuffed insects, you think we should have the option to change their positions? Be cool to have a passive, curious, and aggressive stance.

8. The option to please let us sit in the chair.

9. Personally would appreciate it if the trophies for Orb Weaver and Wolf Spiders was the same size as a Bombardier Beetle. Their tiny heads do injustice to how humongous they really are.

10. A large acorn plate that can hold multiple food or a large meal. Using some acorns and sap, you can place this down on the floor or (hopefully) a table to display delicious meals you can grab and eat. It works like you would place armor, simply put the edible stuff in a slot.

11. Since everyone is often suggesting it, tamable creatures either as pets/mounts/defense. I think limiting how many you can have should be a thing so the game doesn't become way too easy.

12. Perhaps prime meat? Bigger things or rare creatures like the ones I'm suggesting could get you this if you take them down.

13. Curved building placement like walls so we don't only get square/hexagon bases.

Now onto creatures, warning this will be lengthy. My list:

1. Caterpillars could be a thing. Seeing one in the berry area gorging on whatever they can find would be pretty nice to see. Plus they're like grubs, shoot one with a bow and watch it tumble to the ground below. Cooking one of these things would give you a large Caterpillar roast and if you saw my acorn plate suggestion above, you would put this in the plate covering a half of the slots. You can eat it three times starting with the head and ending with the butt.

2. Butterflies would also be a nice addition to Grounded. Aesthetically pleasing, huge wingspan, and sips nectar what's not to love about Butterflies? If you manage to take one down, you get a Butterfly wing. It is 3x more durable than the Dandelion tuft and lets you travel farther.

3. Grasshoppers since they would be a fun insect to hunt. Not only should they drop prime meat, but they should give you a pair of crafted shoes that let you jump higher than before. Like Weevils, they are hunted by the bigger predators in Grounded.

4. Praying Mantis please. This subreddit is wishing this thing gets added as it would be such a terrifying enemy that can camouflage in the grass above. For scaling purposes, I don't mind if it gets shrunk to a reasonable size so its not too big. Someone on this same subreddit mentioned how the Mantis should be able to block your attacks. It would be funny to see your friends panicking as their Mint hammer does practically nothing to the Mantis. I would personally give it a grab attack where it begins biting you and you have to squirm out by tapping the attack button/key. Your friends can speed up the freeing process by attacking it, making it let you go and return to combat stance. Its armor set increases your stealth.

5. A very tiny garden snake, perhaps a Juvenile. Imagine being on top of a grass plank and that thing strolls by nonchalantly. Killing it should grant you snake armor that gives you infrared vision to prey items such as Aphids.

6. Frogs would be cool too. The Green Frog seems to be the most suitable, though it would be bigger than the Wolf Spider. A long tongue pull would be a special attack like how spiders can spit a web at you. What would be cool is if it kills you with the tongue attack, it does a death animation where it it pulls you to its mouth and swallows you whole. Don't worry your backpack will be on the ground, but perhaps its a trap now >:). The armor set for killing Frogs should allow you to have faster swimming speed with the new aqua stuff coming soon.

7. The next enemy will be revealed in a scenario:

"Its 23:00, you are standing on a large set of clovers with nighttime fog everywhere, some gnats buzzing around, and the best passage to reach high tier materials. As you begin your way to the now easily accessible goodies, you also notice there are many large spiders under you given the large grass constantly moving around. There are a lot of Ant parts on these clovers, and the Gnats have all but seemed to vanish. Turning your torch on, you are doused with a sudden wave of terror. You're on a plant alright, the Venus Fly Trap that is. Before you can react, you are enclosed into its predatory maw. Your oxygen is depleting, and the only way to get out will be from your trusty Insect Axe. Either you'll be dead, or the plant will."

Yup, a Venus Fly Trap field would be scary in our size. It should have a % chance that the mouths in the field close or lets you pass by, making it unpredictable to the player. There should be many insect parts left over from the digestion that you can also collect.

8. Legendary creatures and a lore on how they are in Grounded. If you encountered the Hedge Brood-mother, that is how these fights will be a boss like battle with exotic animals around the yard. So for the lore explanation basically a botched burglary led to a crook accidentally breaking the insect terrarium. You can find an added Newspaper in the yard that explains in detail how the Zoo will pay anyone that can find the unique insects that escaped. I chose maybe 7 of them to add some boss fights as well as one funny pet you can keep. If you want to add some to the list, go right on ahead. My list is:

Common Flower or Devil's Flower Mantis (Armor greatly increases stealth + dual wield blades)

Giant Shield Bug or Elvis Presley Shield Bug (Shield is tier 3 with the best durability)

Giraffe Weevil (pet)

Triceratops Beetle (Tier 3 defense armor set upon killing it)

Brush Jewel Beetle (Tier 3 shield that reflects dmg to enemy)

Giant Asian Hornet (Armor gives bonus damage to flying enemies)

Blue Scorpion (Armor increases poison dmg + you glow bright blue in darkness)

These are my ideas for this game. Know that its long because this game has such amazing potential to be something really big.

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I think that a venom debuff should be added that is a stackable poison proc but aptly named venom which is a replacer for the poison debuff applied by the spider fang dagger and venom arrows, this would allow for the spider dagger to be an upgrade to the larva dagger despite the spider dagger being harder to get, it just seems odd that a harder to get weapon is as weak as the weakest version of the easier to obtain option. This change would also be a better endgame option and allows for additional insects that will be added to have their defensive values much higher than spiders as you would have to utilize the various debuffs provided by these items to take down the harder foes.

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