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The Smallest Game With a Big Heart (Spoilers)

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Grounded by far is the most rewarding and refreshing experiences I have had in a long time. I have built multiple bases, found bracelets hidden throughout the backyard, and climbed to the highest of things I can climb. Obsidian, you have outdone yourself here, I love it from the bottom of my heart. The following are my takeaways and suggestions.


Game Takeaways

The game is an immersive survival experience propelling the player into a familiar yet entirely different world. From the character's banter to the bug life ambiance, the game truly makes you feel small...but in a good way! Through the well constructed tutorial, you find yourself working to discover why the characters are there, and who has done this. Perhaps you were a high school student of the professor, maybe this was all an accident, or is this a test? The alchemy of story and exploration is tremendous and rewarding


Who knows where this game will be in one year, let alone five years. This game could continue to evolve, transform and expand into a unique niche of a starving survival (pun intended) market. The following are some suggestions I think would be a great addition to the game, some obvious, others I hope perhaps somewhat unique.

  1. Expand the creatures in the game to include more, there is of course many to choose from that I'm sure have been thought of already.
  2. Biomes, Biomes, Biomes! If Minecraft and other survival games have taught me anything is that players love to discover new places, new sights, and new civilizations. There are so many ways and options to do this. From experimental teleportation devices, time devices, and who knows what! We are dealing with a crazed scientist, anything is possible. You could travel to a tropical beach with crabs, starfish, plankton, etc. Perhaps you travel through time to a prehistoric area, this ancient more aggressive bugs and small critters. Wetlands, beaches, riverbeds, forests, tundras, etc., the possibilities are endless and ever expanding, but this would be a category I would love to see explored and I'm sure many would agree.
  3. RPG elements are not for every game, however, when I first saw bracelet upgrades I thought crazy science boosting powers. From simple leveling to creative abilities and force fields, you could expand the players kit to include more for them to collect and use while they explore to reward them for delving deep into the unknown.
  4. Contraptions! Many players enjoy using inventions, teleportation, zip lines, boats, bikes, etc. The more in the game, the more to do!
  5. Decorations and Trophies. I know many players enjoy decking out there houses with furniture, beds, platforms, lights, and doodads. The more there is, the more game-play and time spent!
  6. Mounts! Who didn't think "I want to ride that ant" when you first saw it!? I know I did, the more mounts the better. Add a taming systems, with pens, feeding, training, maybe even home defense against predators?!
  7. Server and Mod integration. This is up to you ultimately but in my humble and small opinion, I think the more integration for mods, and the more people equate to longer longevity of the game. Give us new ways to re-experience the game. Perhaps a hard mode or hardcore mode with more rewards?

Thank you all for the work you have done, and please feel free to contact me if you need more ideas or assistance (albeit I'm sure you have plenty of those)


Contact: Davismkevin85@gmail.com

Edited by Kevin Davis
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