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Suggestion and (maybe) a bug

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So I’ve been thinking that maybe a few more creatures should be added: like termites, which would be similar to ants but with a bigger hill and colony; Camel/sun spider which would be similar to a spider (aggressive) but wandering instead of staying around one specific place and unable to make a web; Multiple types of scorpion, all aggressive that would have different levels of toxicity depending on size, smaller ones more toxic than bigger and found in the wasteland (that’s what I call the toxic place that has pesticide) ; also maybe woodlice (neutral) they would attack if hit but if low on health it will roll up in a ball shape and found near the tree or hedge thing; also dragon fly and dragon fly nymphs would be an interesting thing to add, the fast dragonflies would be Neutral but the pond-dwelling nymph would be Aggressive; possibly add frogs or toads, these would possibly have 4 or 8 stages, frogspawn, (4) stages of being a tadpole, the start of being a small frog/toad (would be similar to a spiderling, weak but aggressive ) and adult frog, it would prey on gnats and be aggressive towards players and it’s main spawn location would be near the frog toy figure that’s partially covered in dirt; maybe also add a slightly more realistic ant (and maybe termite) colony with a big,lazy,strong, slow queen, Most ants also have their own version of a graveyard and also have a mould farm within their nest/hill and (finally) last thing u should add is maybe a taming system, I know it would seem like your copying a specific game that I won’t mention but maybe do it different, similar to how that game gets wyverns, which is by stealing the eggs, just imagine being able to steal a ladybug egg and hatching it, seeing its larval stage and it’s metamorphosis into a fully grown ladybug and then equipping it with armour or gear to either help you fight or to help you carry things or move around, and also the bug I wanted to talk about is that my BURG.L disappeared, I don’t know where it’s gone but I completed a challenge and went back to the tree and he’s gone, is this a bug or a part of the story.

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