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Going to be taking a break from the game already(Oh wait saves!)

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I died, an issue of course because of the ridiculously over tuned damage on enemies, but not a game ender, my backpack containing hours of work worth of gear falling through the map leaving me unable to reclaim all that effort? that is more than i am willing to put up with, remove the stupid lose items on death feature, it's dumb in Ark, it's Dumb in Conan Exiles, it's always dumb, at the very least add a toggle to disable it, or have un claimed backpacks spawn in the lab after like 30 minutes of not being picked up,

EDIT: I forgot about the existence of the save feature, it's such an innovation and has saved the day just now, please both retain and refine this wonderful addition to the genre!

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I remembered about saves being a thing
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