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26 hours in. Biggest Gripes

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I really like the look and feel of the game, however...

1.  Ants and weevils will NOT leave my stuff alone, even though I'm miles above them on the landscaping posts near the large tree above the field station.
2.  I changed the difficulty of the game thinking it may influence how likely I was to be raided by ants/larva/weevils. It seemed to help at first... but then I crashed and when I restarted the game it was back on medium (from mild) and I was unable to change it.  I checked to see if it was 'visual' like the forums suggested and no. It's definitely on medium.

3. STUCK. Spider webs will not turn you loose even after being destroyed.

4. Spiders don't attack other bugs? Really? That would have at least helped when I had 20 weevils at the base of my fence post making annoying noises nonstop.. or the dozen ants using their telekinetic powers to steal and scatter all of my **** from hell to breakfast.

Maybe once I am able to build a base without restarting every few hours we can establish whats wrong with THAT aspect of the game. I'm 26 hours in and I literally have not had 4 walls and a roof yet.

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