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Storage and Bug walking through rocks

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so i have played and love your game so much, i started playing Co-op with my friend and for some reason he couldn't take things out of the storage box and he sorted the storage box and mine didn't reflect that, i also built my base near a rock and left that side open thinking the ants and bugs that attack wouldn't get to me but the ants walked right through the rock and into my base and attacked it this was by the first juice box near the machine. I also have experienced items falling through my floor so they under it and i have to destroy it to get to them, or if i destroy something some stuff clips through the ground. All in all i love this game and those small things do not dishearten me from the game, i am looking forward to playing more of this game. I own this game on steam and i know it is a early access game i am only giving feed back to try help better the game.


Kind Regards

Darth Rixx

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