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Features That can be tweaked/Enhanced

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Been Playing this nonstop since it released in early access and there is a few things that I’ve come across not as gamebreaking but i do believe can change or be enhanced in a way.


1st: Bugs that you are currently fighting and are extremely close to your spawn should not automatically regain 100% after you have died. I believe they should just have regen like they already do. I find it a bit frustrating when im fighting a spider or a stink bug that is about to die right beside my home just for me to die and have to restart from scratch.


2nd: Anything that is equipped in your strong hand, weak hand, glider, head, upper and lower body shouldn’t take up you backpack space. Im willing to debate the glider since its not out at all times but the items that are clearly out of inventory shouldn’t take a slot. I can see why this was done but I think the system would be better off in this way.


3rd: I think having a way or an option to toggle snap on and off for structures would go a long way for some builds. Also an option for no collision would be great. I find myself having difficulties at times trying to wall off areas due to constantly not being able to place structures in certain areas. I dont know if this a limitation of any kind.


If you agree or disagree just lmk and we can have a talk about our opinions. Really exited to see what the game will become in the future.

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