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When ever I open Grounded on PC I get the bluescreen of death

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Whenever I open grounded on Laptop, the laptop shuts down and I get "the blue scren of death" 

The game was gotten from xbox game pass for pc on the microsoft store

I am using a laptop with:

GPU: GTX 1050 Ti

CPU: Core i7 8750H


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I was having this problem, too (also a laptop and game pass PC).   I was able to load the game once, changed some graphics settings, quit to restart, and every attempt to play the game after that resulted in blue screen of death (BSOD).

I tried all the suggestions around graphics drivers reinstalls, game reinstalls, etc, and none of them worked.  I was able to play the game from Steam just fine!  It's game pass.  Game pass is breaking it and creating BSODs.  I experienced the exact same BSOD error with Deep Rock Galactic, and I figured out how to fix it.

What I've discovered since is that Game Pass PC is corrupting its files for installed/played/saved games.  The way to fix it for me was to run the program 'wsreset'.  (Windows Store Reset, I assume.) You can do this from start menu and 'run', or from command prompt.  It takes a few minutes of zero feedback, and you can't run it with Microsoft Store or Game Pass open (or it just won't do anything), but once it finishes it loads up the Microsoft store and you can run your game pass games from there. 

I've since tried this and been able to run Grounded from the Microsoft Store. Activated the licence through game pass, did the install and run through microsoft store. It's working, now, where it was BSODing before.

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