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Game time not progressing and Frame Stutters on Xbox

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Great game, very unique and fun with friends.

Xbox One X
Game Pass

I'm having 2 major issues right now.

  1. Game time not progressing
    Game time is stuck at 16:15.  Can't cook, collect water, grow mushrooms. Could be other bugs relating to this issue.
  2. Frame Stutters
    We're also experiencing crazy frame stutters in the game too. It's pretty consistent throughout. Tried creating a new world and the game runs smooth so something in particular in this save is creating the issue. I have a reasonable complex base but nothing crazy. I did spawn a ton of larvae in one of the underground tunnels. I was reading about a bug relating to them so not sure if that's causing it.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this or prevent it from happening please chime in. Would hate to start a new save just to waste another 10 hours. Would prefer to just wait for a patch and recover my existing save.



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