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Cool concept game with alot of fun moments in COOP. Lots of rooms for improvements:

- Add Earthworms, Caterpillar, Centipede, Snails
- More weathertypes with consequenses (rain with floods, snow, storms with destructions)
- Better detailed/looking map
- Binoculars
- Defence autoturrets
- Solar energypanels/shock fence
- Arrow quiver
- Inventory/craft search function

Rare events: 
- House owner mows the lawn
- Big house animals making earth shake (cat/dog with excrements etc lol)

- COOP horde mode with fast basebuilding with fixed resources and waves of mobs attacking and bonus stuff for surviving.
- 4 vs 4: humans vs playable monsters.

- Sometimes stuck in an object, add an unstuck botton
- Creeps also gets stuck alot
- Cant chop berries under water
- building etc should snap and level along with the ground (like placing walls in Rust)

Developing funds:
- Make a multiplayer mode free and singleplay & COOP cost money
- Add customization to clothes, buildings skins etc for money, NO P2Win just looks

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