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A couple ideas/improvements for base building

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First of all, love the game so far, it has a really good foundation to start with. Excited to see where it goes! While trying to build a base, I've come across a few things that I think could be better.  First, if possible it would be awesome if we could have a half wall option, even if it took the same amount of resources. With some designs, it's currently impossible to have everything uniform, this would make it to where you could. Also, could we get the ability to move objects we've built without recycling them? It would make it easier if you just wanted to move a wall over a little bit, save time and resources. And lastly, I know it's probably already in the works but since base building is so integral to the game, could we get some more decorative stuff like a couple different columns to go on a porch area? Thanks again for the great game and I'm ready to see what's next!

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