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Hello all,

I've enjoyed this early access game so far, and would like to see some of these features, if possible. (If any of these are already planned, then please disregard)

  • Mounting insects as a means of transportation or portable storage or both.
  • More options for the shovel. Possibly digging holes, or terraforming dirt. Building a mote around your base.
  • A sandbox area.
  • A way to get in the neighbors backyard / A way to get into the front yard. Guess that would be Grounded Two.
  • Some sort of zip lines. From the big tree to the house, or craftable up to a certain range.
  • Gliding with those little umbrellas that are used for summer drinks.
  • Ladders to climb heights faster, or Rope Vines that would use stamina to climb.
  • Other npc's that have their own bases. Some hostile, friendly, and neutral. Can trade with them, etc.
  • Character customizations.
  • Random events. Kids playing in the backyard, bbq's, dogs, cats, random things thrown over the fence, etc.
  • Roof access on the house. I built up to the roof, only to fall through it and die. Would like to have maybe a base, or scout tower to jump from and glide to wherever I need to go.
  • Other bigger animals: Birds, Ducks, Gophers, Fish, etc.
  • Random hobbies: Rock climbing, paper boating, flying a paper airplane, scuba diving
  • Temperature readings. When it's colder you'll need to wear warmer clothes, and vice versa.
  • Hot Wheels tracks and cars. As soon as I saw this game, it's what I thought about. Especially the micro cars Hot Wheels game.
  • And obviously more bugs. Ones that I'd like to see: Caterpillar (in all stages of life), Moths, Worms, Centipede.

Near the end of this list, I just started spitballing ideas which is probably what you guys have already done. It's easy to make a list, but harder to implement into a game.

All in all, I appreciate the game that you all have made so far, and look forward to all the updates in the future leading up to the full release and thereafter. 

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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