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How to get started in translation for games ?


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Hi, I am a young french student, I am very interested in linguistic and languages (which I both study at the university), and some days ago I had a thought : maybe I could translate video games.

It never came to me before even when I was thinking about becoming a translator, but since I play a lot of video games (including a lot of indie games which are rarely in french) I think it may be something that I can enjoy doing.

Even though it's not exactly being a developer, I thought it could fit in this topic as I would appreciate any kind of advice from people coming from the gaming industry, because I don't know for exemple if developers usually pay for this kind of service, if it's even wanted, if I need a specialised diploma and so on.

So if you have information on how translators work in the video game industry I would really appreciate to discuss it with you !

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Thanks a lot for replying !
Since last year I followed some indie games in Early Access and kept an eye out for any information about localization. Discord servers are really helpful for that. I participated in the community translation of a really indie game and I'm now translating another, bigger yet still indie, game !

I learned more (and will learn more) about translation agencies at uni, but I think I will really look into it when I'll have my diploma. In the meantime I'll keep getting as much experience as possible with games I find by myself !

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