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What im missing and looking for after 15h+ of the game

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Hi guys. Ill just say what im missing or i dont like about the game after over 15h+ of playtime on Xbox.

I wont refer to story or bugs here.

- To many Spiders! Fighting them is not rewarding enough for the ammount of them on map. There are other bugs that should be includer and they are not like: Grasshoppers, catterpilars, beetles or other micro life like snails f.e. No bugs in water is also bit a letdown.

- Sky Micro life is no existing. Where are mosquitos, butterlies, bees, moths etc? Up high should not be much safer than near ground.

- Makro life is no existing. No frongs near the pond, no fishes in the pond. Im missilng also ones like mole, field mouse etc.

- Would be nice to get catastrophic level macro life aswell. Lets say that cat gone out on walk or looking for a food when you can only run and hide.

- Weather changes are bit of a joke. Little mist from time to time only on few places and times. There should be Rain where you need to hide from droplets, Strong Wind that interrupts runnig or affecting movement, Storm that cames with rain and sometimes hit the ground leaving craft material, Very Hot Day that makes you thirsty faster. Those are just examples and possibilities are much bigger than those.

- Full revamp of shovel. I do understand that devs do not want ppl to ruin nests etc. but little digging to flaten area or just move some ground to other places would be a gread addon. Eventually full digging mechanic with locking(or not) nest areas. Some ppl just love to have underground base.

- Ild like to see some more changes to armor set bonuses so when you use whole set, the buffs will be more rewarding. Lets say that and part gives you 1+ haul so three parts give +3. I dont see it worthy when i can take hyperstamina and move faster so i will take more in same time. I thing the buffs should stack and give bonus so f.e. 2 parts gives haul +3 and 3 parts gives +5. Same to other sets. Ild like to see that spider set with hyperstamina gives faster movement buff when you use all 3 parts. There are so many varioations that i hope it will change.

- Hauler or Barrow. I think i dont need to explain what is it and for what its used.

- Expansions for bagpack or just crafting bigger ones.

- More Basebuild variations.

- Taming and Mounting some of bugs. (would be cool if you could mount ledybug or even spider when you have requied items).

- Add Ropes or Ladders or both ;)

- More traps, more weapons, more armor sets even when i like current ones.


For now its all from me. I have some more thoughts but going back to building now ;)

I Really like the game to thisds point and for the first days of ea its really well made.

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