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Hi there!


My friend and I have been playing been Grounded since yesterday, when it pre-released on Xbox. We've found certain visual glitches in the co-op/multiplayer version of Grounded. The first one we found was a visual glitch that affects the insect bow of the guest (from what we've seen). The arrow that's already in the bow stays in place when drawing the bow + shooting the arrow. The second one is just lighting random lights appear at the top right side of the screen as well as the bottom. This is a visual glitch that occurs during the day and the night. Third and final glitch, guest and host see the same blueberry at different locations. The only one that is truly there is the host's.

Note: I may have a pt. 2 to this post with pictures.


P.S. We have not tested any of these in singleplayer or on PC, so it may be different there. These are just glitches we found while playing together.


If you took the time to read this, thank you.

Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 12.21.55 AM.png

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