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A few technical bugs I found

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I found a invincibility bug it's fairly easy to do. it has to do with the acorn armor if you get your health lower than how much health the armor provides your health pool will go to nothing. it makes it impossible to be killed in anyway.  

other bugs I found have to do with objects not appearing where they should. The host of the game can see where the items are while they are in different places for others that joined the server. The main thing is that berries that fell from the bush could not be chopped to get their resource except by the host. If the host jumped on the berry on their screen they would disappear from view of the people who joined the server.

The spider web by the oak tree when you jump on it you get stuck to it but if you or others destroy it you will remain stuck till death and respawn or an orb weaver shoots their web trapping the player and breaking that web.

after picking up items from the backpack they will appear to have full durability until used again.

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