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My feedback after day one

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Hey there,

this feedback contains just everything that came up while playing yesterday, so there also will be bugs. If I should better post this in the other forum just say 😃


First of all I have to say: This is a very cute game with a good humor (chopping list, hehe) And hey, riddles! I hope there will be more of them^^ So, lets get to the problems (playing on XBox):


  1. When starting a new game, the loading circle and sound freezes. After a while the "skip" button appears (suppose there should be a cutscene?) and the game finally starts
  2. When continuing a game the sound pauses sometimes but at least the loading circle... circles ;)
  3. Trailing marks are not shown on the map and if you click on the menu item "trailing mark" the game crashes
  4. I've got stuck in the "Feedback success" screen where you should press "A" to exit after submitting a second feedback. Oh and is it right that you cannot enter text there?
  5. When drinking drops from drinking packs they shortly grow in size and are drinkable more than once. "Normal" waterdrops however behave as you would expect.
  6. A spidey managed to bug through the secret lab door! T-T Ants also bug through your base wall.
  7. The menu for keybindings is lazy loading and thus "jumping" very often, quite confusing
  8. "Equipping previous weapon" ist quite flappy very often, you have to press the button multiple times for it to work
  9. Ants can steal from containers even if they are in the base?
  10. Game crashes when pressing "A" on an empty slot in the cooking menu
  11. Game crashes when too many arrows are fired
  12. When you switch the controller while playing, you cannot perform actions with this controller. Not sure though if this a game or XBox problem


Now the feedback list:

  • It is a bit confusing at first to find the right controls for what you want but it is ok. You have to learn something as a player right ;)
  • The BIGGEST pain is that you cannot deposit/take(/even drop?) a whole stack. OUCH my finger hurts from pressing X so often!
  • When building a e.g. chest and you need a "hot craft" ingredient, how am I supposed to craft this right away when looking at the chest and NOT having to go into the crafting menu?
  • Placing a door between 2 walls (right at a corner) is a pain in the ....
  • Nice to have: Holding down the attack button to continuously attack/harvest would be really nice. Especially harvest. Clover, Peblet etc. If you need a big amount of that you have to press attack button quite often.
  • The hotbar always highlights my spear, I would suggest it should highlight the currently equiped weapon?
  • It would be nice to repair weapons right from the hotbar
  • Would be nice to have a bit more explaining text at some "buildings" like the acorn water container, or maybe it is to us to find out... I had hoped it would collect water overnight but it didn't. Guess I have to place it below grass/something else that catches water?
  • The menu sound is at some point quite, annoying. When inspecting an item or assigning a hotbar-key it has a very "hard" "alarming" sound like something bad is happening or I am doing something wrong. Can't quite tell why this makes me uncomfortable. But it is very loud and pushy. I disabled the whole menu sound atm. Which is really sad because you miss the "Raw science" indicator very often because of the missing sound.
  • Started on mild and after a bunch of days 4-5 larvas were attacking my base. Seemed quite unfair.
  • Fire underwater. Yay?
  • Sorting the inventory would be nice 😃
  • Not sure if this is intended so I put this in the suggestions list: Slime Mole Sconce is not very glowy. Like, not a bit! And it misses a "Light Up" Button like the normal sconce.
  • Crafting multiple items would be nice, especially for Woven Fiber which you need quite many of. That said, if you Hot Craft them and have enough Plant Fiber, the needed amount should be crafted right away.
  • Would be nice to skip cutscene(s) 


If any of my problems is already solved and I was just too dumb to find it, just say! And if you need screenshots to describe what I mean, I am happy to provide them!

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