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Muliplayer save file (Xbox)

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I was playing the game was playing earlier with a friend and he had to go so i tried to load up the game and I couldn't find a save file for it, only one I had done earlier solo.  When he got back I was able to rejoin him and all my stuff was there. Are multiplayer game saves based on the host, so I cant play with that save file unless he is on?

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I really hope its not a host based save but as it looks it wpuld appear that way. Couldnt find a save for the hours we put in until he hopped on and started the save. As soon as he dipped from the game i was booted back to main menu. It would be great to jump into the same instance without everyone having to be there to build and collect for when we play again.

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I just want to be able to keep all the knowledge I learned in a multiplayer lobby.

If I join my friend and play for hours I should not have to start all over in my own game.

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