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So, I decided to finally play through PoE2, but I've decided to do a play through of the first game before I do so, since the last time I played 1 was a few years ago. I've beaten the game about 2 times now(first when the game first came out, the second time shortly after the release of 2), and each time I did a Dracozzi Paladin. This time through, however, I'm hoping to try something new.

I don't really mind overly much if the class option wouldn't translate too well from 1 to 2. What I'm looking for is mainly to make a gunner or some sort. I thought about Cipher, but the last time I played it was back after release where you could do some silly thing with a blunderbuss. I'm not entirely caught up on all the changes from then to now, so is gaining insane focus with a blunderbuss still a thing? Also, I seem to remember dumping con was pretty common last time I played as well, but I'm pretty sure I've seen a few posts about that not being entirely true anymore.

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