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Opacity of dialogue and tool tip backgrounds

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Is there a way to change the opacity for dialogues and tool tips so the background is completely solid? I didn't notice anything in the game settings, but I was hoping it was possible via an ini file or that it might planned as a setting for a future update. 

I started the game the other night, but I found it incredibly distracting to be able to see things (especially moving things) behind the text when trying to read the dialogue. The tool tips, which I find extremely helpful and used often in PoE1, are also difficult to read because the text of the window behind it is visible through the background. 

Given the many thoughtful optional settings provided in PoE1, I was disappointed to see that there was no way to adjust the opacity of the backgrounds when being able to see through them can be so distracting (at least for some of us). So if there is (or will be) any way to adjust this, I'd be happy to hear about it. 

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