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KotOR2 with MSI Radeon HD 6450

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The ATI Radeon 3450 that came with my Gateway 4200DX broke down. The computer dual-boots 64-bit Vista Home Premium and Win 7 Pro.

I found an MSI Radeon 6450 to replace it. I'm having some problems with this card. I can't get the drivers to install under Vista, but it seemed to be no problem under WIn7.

However, the KoToR crashes once you get past the main menu to play it. The hardware config program is telling me to update the drivers. I installed the drivers that came on the DVD, then ran the update program included and downloaded the latest drivers. The card is apparently from 2011, I'm not sure when the game stopped updating but I think it was around then.

Any suggestions on troubleshooting this? I'm pretty sure these are the latest drivers. The program launches, it only crashes after you create a character and attempt to get to the point where you control T3 on the Ebon Hawk, or if you try to load a saved game.

I'm still testing things, but Neverwinter Nights 1 is the only other game so far with issues. It crashes when you try to launch NWNmain.exe although it's config program says everything is hunky dory unlike KOTOR2. Jade Empire works fine.

Neverwinter Nights 2 works better than before (as I had hoped getting what I thought was a card in the same series but 3 generations/iterations better).

Those are all the similar games I've tested so far. RPGMaker 2000 based games work fine.



Also, why is it mentioning NVidia drivers? There is no NVidia hardware on this computer. In fact, my first NVIdia card is in my newer Windows 10 computer.

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