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42 hours well spent.

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Just finished my first playthrough.

Whilst the game has some pretty horrible crash bugs, they, seem for me at least to only occur on a specific planet during a specific early part of the game. 

Since my last crash, over 30 hours past not a one since.

Overall, this is probably the best £50.  I've spent in a long time.  Obsidion have outdone themselves. 

I understand from various videos that there were or are several exploits and other issues, but I never used any of them.  And whilst bugs are always an issue, against the game in it's entirety, not worth being upset with.

I'm going to add Outer Worlds to my list of Outstanding Classic Games.  Of which there are only maybe a couple of dozen.  In all of my gaming life, which is since before the internet was born, before pc's themselves even existed.  Outer Worlds is one of the best games ever made.

In my humble opinion.

Well done to the developers.

I streamed all 42 hours.  Now I have a record of my game, played on hard mode.

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