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Science skill not capping tinkering for science weapons

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I'm having an issue where I've leveled my character up to 80 science skill, which is supposed to cap tinkering prices for science weapons, and they're not capped. I think the cap is supposed to be at 200? The price that I see is way more than that, and will just keep going up. I've tried this on the Shrink ray and the hammer (I forget the name; I think it's prismatic?), and I've double checked that my science skill IS actually 80 with no equipment or companion bonuses. Has anyone else had this issue? I've tried reloading before I assigned the points into science, and it still doesn't seem to work. Is there any way to fix this?

I apologize if this is a double post; I tried to post without an account and I haven't seen any evidence that it went through/was received. 

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The Science Weapon tinkering costs 200 bits when you are at a 100 Science skill only. That -90% tinkering cost skill unlock makes it 200 bits. At 80 Science skill, the Science Weapon tinkering cap is 1000 bits, since at that point there is no further tinkering discount bonus applied... This is how it should work.

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