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Playlists [Spoilers!]

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I'm on iTunes, so I'm rather breathlessly waiting for the TOW soundtrack to show up there. 

In the meantime, I've had the occasion to do a lot of driving, and as I'm listening to my very old and standard "road trip" playlist, it occurred to me that some of the songs seem to fit the characters and situations of TOW very well*.

  • Felix: Uprising (Muse)
  • Parvati: Marble Machine (Wintergatan)
  • Nyoka: My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Fall Out Boy)
  • Ellie: Immortals (Fall Out Boy)
  • Max: The Belly Dancer (Gordon Duncan)**
  • Sanjar/MSI: The Power of Bhangra (vs. Motivo) (Snap!)
  • Anything involving TDD: Right In (Skrillex), Born Too Slow (the Crystal Method)
  • Aethelflaed (my character): Sad But True (Orbital)
  • The Mather Family (and the crew of the Hope): A Little Priest (Angela Lansbury & Len Cariou, from "Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street)
  • Monarch: Jupiter Shift (the Crystal Method)

I haven't figured anything out for SAM yet.  I guess I need to expand the playlist!

If you're interested, most of these songs can probably be found on YouTube (especially "The Marble Machine", which you should go and watch right now, because it is freakin' amazing).  

For other computer games, I sometimes turn the music track off and play my own playlists; does anyone do this with TOW?  Or if you've heard listened to music and it's brought TOW to mind, what songs or tunes have struck you as "TOWish"?

* Could just be that I'm obsessed.  Because I am.

** It's a tune played on guitar and bagpipes, normally in the Mixolydian Mode, but in this case retuned for the Phrygian.  "I'm sure you understand what that's like." ; ) 

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Okay, it's not "probably spoilers", it's "definitely spoilers"!
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