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Be Gentle, I'm Dumb...Maybe

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Hello!  I have very much enjoyed the game and am on my second playthrough.  I have had literally NO bugs until now, but when I try to leave the building during the quest 'The Doom That Came To Roseway' I get kicked out to the desktop.  I've tried various things, and my system's up-to-date in terms of drivers and O.S., and I see many opportunities on the web to see "Notes" for the new patch, but absolutely nowhere to get it.  Anyone know a simple site to get the patch from?  I have, as I said, had the pleasure of seeing all the notes...again and again, and it seems like it might help my issue, if  Microsoft (I won't deal with Epic) would stop sending me to Obsidian who then sends me to Private Division which then shows me the infernal 'notes' again... Thanks in advance!

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