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PS4 Companion Helmet Armor Rating Workbench Bug

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A small bug I noticed in the tinker menu in the workbench: the companion helmet armor rating in the pop-up always seems to match the player helmet armor rating. The number on the right, showing potential change if you tinker, is correct and the armor rating displays correctly in the main inventory menu. I tried a few different helmets on my player and both companion helmet armor displays changed to match it. I also tried with no helmet equipped on my PC and the companion helmet armor changed to 3. Again, this only seems to be on the tinker menu, I haven't noticed any other adverse effects. Looking online, this seems to be the place to report bugs, sorry if I'm mistaken. Thanks! Note: I am playing on standard PS4 (not Pro). 

Companion1.jfif PlayerHelmet.jfif Companion1.jfif

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