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The black screen bug is back


As the title suggests: The black screen bug occurs once more, but in a very curious way. It only appears on manually saved games. I can start the game normally and i can play autosaves, quicksaves and special saves (before showdown) as usual. But when i load any manually saved game, the typical black screen bug occurs (music goes on, i can minimize the game and move the mouse cursor, but nothing loads). I tried all workarounds for the original black screen bug: I changed on windowed mode, reduced solution, deactivated my second screen, uninstalled all mods (i only used unity console to fix some bugs), uninstalled the game via steam, checked game file integrity via steam, alt+enter to swith between windowed and full screen while black screen, uninstalled the folder in AppData/LocalLow, tested all possible combinations of graphic settings and solutions, updated my graphics driver. Nothing helped. Only thing i didnt try was a clean uninstall (it seems usual uninstall leaves some data behind), but i have no clue what i have to delete manually for such a clean uninstall.

But i don't think that the usual workarounds matter, because it doesnt seem a graphic problem. It's more like an internal problem, because autosaves work fine. That's the next curious thing: Every save has this problem. It doesnt matter which i choose, where the char is, which char it is or how far it got. I tried my very first save right after i bought the game, i tried the end save of my first char. I tried to make a new character today, saved the game, tried to load. I tried savegames somewhere between all that, always the same issue. I also tried to load autosave, instantly saved a game manually, loaded this particular one. Same problem.

I have no idea what the problem could be. There were no visible updates. My system didnt make one after restart, steam didnt make one, poe didnt make one. One day it worked, the other it didnt.

I have a Radeon RX580 gpu, win 10 64bit and the Steam version.


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