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Features & Fixes I would like to see added, please :)

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1 - Multi-character support.  I know it might not be do-able, but when I first saw the "Choose which companions are going with you" screen upon exiting the ship, I thought that would be a great way to choose which character you would like to play as as well, since savegames, yes, do list the character they are for, but can get lost in the jumble after a while.

2 - This isn't a complaint about the map sizes by a long shot, but rather the sighting of perfect opportunity.  In comparison to the size of the planets, the visit-able areas seem pretty small, meaning that if/when you make DLC, you could potentially just park the new DLC areas on the same planet and swap out a decorative door on edgewater for a door that can open to reveal a "DLC" NPC living there to give quests to the new area(s) and repeat this process through all of the locations, making the DLC seem more of a part of the base game than some sort of "play after the closing credits" or "travel to a whole new system" add-on.  I mean, the landscape and monsters are already in there, so no need to make whole new stuff just to add quests, etc.,

3 - The ability to rename stuff at the workbench.

4 - A vending machine on the ship, please!

5 - Removing the "wall of death" from some of the unique items.  I'm a completionist and while I can understand some items being unavailable because you went with Faction A instead of Faction B, having some stuff like Gladys' rifle, Reeds' bowler, etc., only available through killing them limits my options to "murder hobo" or "just lose out on item".  I like how you can pickpocket the gun off of the Edgewater constable, for example, or the possibility that Gladys might be so thankful for rescuing Zoe that she gives me her trusty rifle, etc.,  Having those options open would really improve my experience.

6 - After I killed the Mantiqueen for my companion, I liked how I got the mounted head.  I've killed some of the other "mega ____" whatevers (like the scrat under the Edgewater landing pad) and think hat more mounted heads as ship decor scattered through the ship would be cool.

7 - I know this probably falls into DLC territory, but I liked the cows on the ship and the gas heist and would LOVE to see the ability to ship cargo for folks as side-missions in the game, with the cargo hold interior changing to reflect that.

8 - Speaking of the cargo area, more usable storage boxes would be nice, please.

9 - This is a three-fer-one, but since Tossball is such a big aspect of the game, having Vic and Felix discuss it with each other on occasion would be nice.  Granted, I haven't made it to Byzantium yet, but I paired those two as companions to see if the sports fans would get along and, with the exception of the greeter and his poster, neither really brought up the subject and spent the whole time just annoying each other about other topics.  Also, being able to display the cards or get something in-game for collecting them all would be nice.  The third part is betting.  We have a sports bar.  We have TALK of betting, but being able to put Bits down on a team and return a few days later to find out if the game randomly chose my team as winner or loser and either win/lose Bits would be epic.


10 - The ability for the game to remember what I've tagged as "junk" and "not junk", please.

I know some/all of these might not happen and am aware of the old "You can't please everybody" adage, but if they could be given some consideration, that would be amazing!

Thanks for the great game.  Haven't run into any bugs yet (other than the ones I have to kill) but I appreciate the coming patch to help insure that streak continues.

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