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Temporary dead body icon on compass suggestion.

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So in some games where you can loot dead bodies and where looting bodies provides many resources you need so it’s important...these games have markers for these recently killed dead bodies you can loot.

Just got in a fire fight with about 10 marauders and I’m not sure if I looted all of them or not.

Some have nothing, but in the end my companions killed a few and I don’t know where those are.  So I’m not sure if I looted all the bodies or not.  

It would suck to not gain the resources: ammo, junk, stims, etc...only bc I couldn’t find the bodies to loot.  I did the work so I need the reward.

im just suggesting to have some sort of icon on the compass maybe a hollow red triangle for recently killed lootable bodies.  So that the compass doesn’t get cluttered as some of these other games, the icon or marker goes away once the corpse is looted.

i personally think this would be a nice feature to add and I don’t think it would require much to do it.

What does everyone think?  As I alone on this or is this a decent idea for a suggestion.

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