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Unable to stop Stellar Bay transmissions in "RADIO FREE MONARCH"

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Hi folks,

I'm stuck on Radio Free Monarch. I think I have everything done but don't see a dialog option with Sanjar Nandi to stop the MSI/Stellar Bay Transmission.

Looking at the quest log I have Completed the following:

  • Speak with Nyoka at Stellar Bay
  • Help Nyoka with Her Hangover [Passion Pills]
  • Speak with the Information Broker at Devil's Peak


  • Help the Broke Deal with MSI and the Iconoclasts - is not complete but the stuff below is
    • "BOLT with His Name"
    • "Errors Unseen"
    • "The Commuter"
    • "Pay for the Printer"
      • You were able to put a stop to the Iconoclast transmissions.

So it looks to me like everything is done but I can't finish the quest.  What am I missing?



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Hey, (1VB) Mustang

I'm sorry for the quest issue you have run into. We have our development team looking into it and hope to have a fix for it shortly. In the meantime, to expedite your request, you can send an e-mail to our publisher, Private Division at support@privatedivision.com. This will get your issue into their queue and allow us to prioritize requests to ensure the fastest possible turn around time.

We apologize again and thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the issue.

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I purchased the Spacers Choice Edition on Playstation 5, and I'm having the same issue in 2023. I cannot progress further. 


Sanjar hasn't spawned in, only his quest marker is there, and Garrett will only respond with "not right now".


Is there a fix for this yet?

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Hello there, same problem here...

I explored all the zones and completed all the available side quests.

When I wanted to resume the main mission "Free Radio Monarch", the marker on Stellar Bay showed me Sanjar's position in the MSI building, but he doesn't appear...


I've done all Nyoka's quests upstream as well as Zora's and Graham's.


I'm at a dead end, I don't intend to play the game again from the beginning and what saddens me is that this bug has been present for 4 years without having been solved, from what I've seen on various topics while looking for a solution.


Seriously Obsidian Entertainment, it's time for you to fix this problem since players have been reporting this bug for so long...


I love this game and I want to see it through to the end, but I'm not going to put my 40 hours of play down ...

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Hi.  same problem. I want a Refund on the outer worlds (SCE). Its been 1 year now into the mess and this issues have not yet been resolved.....Please update us as soon as possible.

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