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Passage To Anywhere [SPOILERS]

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In this mission, there's no way to go back on our word and tell Gladys we actually found more secrets, and want to deliver all three to her (in exchange for the navkey), if you at first deliver only one secret, and tell her you found nothing else. This is bad. I got the animal viagra vile in my inventory, and something else (i don't remember) and i thought i'd still get the key by delivering only one secret (maybe i overlooked the fact that she needed all three secrets to deliver the key).

But the point is, i also thought i'd be able to do something else with the items i didn't deliver, like sell them or keep them on my ship (which is a very nice touch, i must add - decorating the ship with interesting items from our journey; well done).

But these items were removed from my inventory non the less. Why would you do this? Not allow us to go back on our word and remove them from our inventory? The game could allow us to sell the viagra maybe, for some bits, to help with the 10 thousand bit naykey price (not that i need the money - sitting on 26 thousand bits at the moment).

But this was a big fork in the story (having to cough up 10 thousand bits or being blind as to what we could do with the items).

I get some stuff you can't go back on, but i think this one was a bit harsh.

Autosaves can't help me, and having to replay 3 hours from my last manual save, until that fork is also somewhat harsh.

Any thoughts or comments?

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