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Character Skin tone bug

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After I create a character they always have a significantly darker skin tone while in game. I’ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game which did not work. I’m currently playing on PS4. Is anyone else experiencing this bug, and if so is there any fix to it? 

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I have run into the same issue. Specifically, it seems the game uses to Skin Tone 1 (the default one) regardless of choice. I have experimented with a few characters, it looks identical in game to paler skin tones. I have not tried darker skin tones.

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I have a simular issue on ps4, i was going for a older Caucasian look, beard, white haire, wrinkles, the works, now i look like im wearing black face

all kidding aside, ive restarted, reinstalled, again and again, and i gave up after one point, i have skin tone 1 on a character it doesnt fit on

seriously obsidian, fix this, or at least put a appearance changer in the ship 

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