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About 5 hours in...(Short review)

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And I must say that the game, so far, exceeds my expectations. The gameplay is nice and fluid for me, the combat is fantastic (I'm a 2-handed melee) and with only a few tweaks to the default settings, it controls beautifully on XBox. 


I look forward to doing some achievement hunting on this game. I can see myself playing it until completionist. 


So...Thank you to the Dev team for making a game that had me laughing (in a good way) from about 5 minutes in until I logged off. Love the writing, the setting, the dialogue options (decided to make a char that could try to talk his way out of situations). Love it. 


4/5, will likely be a 5 once I test out a char with ranged weapons, so I can see the other side of combat.

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