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[5.0] Companion reputations not changing



I backed Deadfire back in the day but as I am a patient gamer with a long backlog of games to play, I didn't start playing Deadfire for the first time until quite recently, which had the added bonus of not starting until all DLC and 5.0 were already released.

I've been playing for a bit now and am Level 9 and I've noticed that my companion reputations seem to be unchanging. I discovered this because I was hoping to romance Xoti and upon looking stuff up online, some mention of needing a reputation level of 2 or higher with her is required for certain dialogue options to become available. I looked up the reputations tab and found I have a very large number of positive-reputation interactions with Xoti, and yet her reputation level is still only 1 (see attached screenshot). As it turns out, the same appears to be true for all my other companions as well. What's going on, and is there any way to fix this, like with a console command if nothing else?

My game is pretty much vanilla, with the only mod installed being the Enhanced User Interface by Spherikal. A solution or explanation as to this issue would be much appreciated.Untitled.thumb.jpg.d2c990fca59213507af661ef40be332d.jpg

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