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Bug at Telos shuttle, traveling to restoration zone

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I've been stuck at this point for months. My problem is that when the Exile finished every business in Telos and approach the shuttle there is no way for me to board it. I mean, there is literally no option bubble asking me if I want to travel to the restoration zone.


First time it happened I installed the *skip Telos mod*, which was a complete waste of time (Rlly, don't bother. You wont be able to leave Telos after seeing Atris). The only thing good is that with the mod I could travel to the restoration zone.


So, I uninstall the mod and try again without any mods, and there is the bug again. I'd try to re-do Telos, but I've wasted so much time playing and replaying that I'm giving up, hoping there is someone here that knows about this bug or how to solve it.


- I'm playing the cd version, updated with the last restoration mode I found (tslrcm185_creditless). The only mod installed right now are the one with Bastila's face, *skip Telos surface* and KSE.

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