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Pallegina lost her gear



I was on Crookspur island, freeing the slaves and while i was fighting my way back to the ship the game had a huge fps drop. It was a weird drop because the inventory screen was ok, it was just the playing screen. I played a bit and after i killed some enemies and see the drop didn't go off i just saved and quit the game. I just thought it could be a memory leak because i was playing for a long time.

After i restart the game my Pallegina lost almost all of her gear (except her neck, second weapon set and personal stash) and had a 'branded enemy' debuff which didn't cease of until it kill her. Even if i rested the damaging debuff is gone but she is still 'marked'. And the gear is gone for good, i can't find them anywhere and that was some good unique stuff. The worst of all all my saves are (even my saves while im on board) the same. My Pallegina is doomed. I have a too old save and that seems fine.

 I just wonder if this could be reversed or something? I searched the internet and couldn't find a similar situation. I have steam version and i'm playing for 55 hours, as far as i know this is my first bug and it completely destroyed my mood with the game. Now i just can't trust it because all my progression can be out of the window at any time.

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