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A couple things...

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Hello ! I hope this comment will help to improve the game.

1- The ''retarget'' option in the classic mode is very useful ! I think it should be added to the new turn-based mode. Exemple : Aloth is using a Necrotic lance spell on a bandit during his turn. On Seraf's turn, the bandit is killed. Next, on Eder's turn, I could select Aloth by clicking his picture and use the ''retarget'' option to change my Necrotic lance spell to another enemy BEFORE the initiative returns to Aloth's turn. In that case, the spell would not be wasted.

2- When playing a druid in wild shape, if I use a ''casting'' action type on the last turn of my animal form. The spell will not be lost, but the casting is canceled and the turn is wasted.

3- My game bugged while fighting that huge worm in the Old City. A charm effect expired on the big boy (assuming its a boy…) on the same round a used a Mule kick attack on it. Then on its turn, it started casting something and its turn never ended….initiative progression also stopped. I'm not sure I understand what happened there.

One last thing : I think Pillars of eternity is crazy ! Great work Pillars team and thank you for your efforts ! 

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