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Friendly AI does absolutely terrible during ship battles



Hi, so I've been playing the game for quite some time now, and I've noticed some quirky issues during ship battles related to the friendly AI (pardon my english, it ain't my main language) :

- First off, the most frustrating of the two : so I've been fighting a named captain (forgot who it was), and he had mechanic units that had immunity to fire damage. I had Aloth in my supporting crew, and here's what he did : first off, fire tongue. Against a flame-insensitive enemy... And what did he use right after that ? A fireball. On the same fire-insensitive enemy. I tried a little bit more, and noticed that friendly AI generally does not give a single damn about enemy resistances when fighting, not only immunities.


- That brings me to my second gripe : remember that story with Aloth throwing a fireball and a fire tongue at the fire-insensitive golem ? Not only were those two spells wasted, but he also hurt a crapton of allies along the way, almost killing two of them ! Those allies didn't move in his spell radius after he started casting them, they were already in the spell radius when he started casting them. Yes, Aloth dealt way more damage to my allies than to my enemies during this fight, making him pretty much the greatest threat to my crew alone.


- Some crew members, when fighting on the deck, just stay still and don't do an action for the entire fight. I didn't list them all because I might not have seen them all, but here are the ones I noticed yet (My game's in french, so some names might be slightly off) :

-- Handsome Eliam (stays still whatever the situation like a brick)

-- Caergr (sometimes he moves, but he doesn't fight or cast spells at all)


- This one is related to pathfinding : when you want to make a ranged attack, if the character is out of range, he will attempt to take the melee route to the enemy he wants to shoot. For player characters, this is annoying if you forget about this and just click to attack out-of-range, but manageable. But for AI, friendly or enemy, this means that you can pretty much exploit this to oblivion to cheese some fights like hell... or have the friendly AI waste some turns trying to get around an obstacle while they could just walk a few meters and launch their ranged attack. This can be slightly annoying, although not as much as the previous issues, by far.


It's pretty sad, because ship battles are enjoyable most of the time, but the friendly AI is kinda useful a few times, useless most of the time, and outright dangerous during some fights. It's really frustrating to have a powerful wizard show up at a ship battle only to roast your entire team... while being on your side :/ - Most of those issues related over I only see performed by friendly AIs, pretty much never by enemy AIs, which kinda bugs me. I've pretty much almost never seen an enemy AI perform friendly fire or attack someone who was immunised or extremely resistant to a damage type, they always seemed to focus on my least resistant character for them when they had the choice.


Oh, and just in case it's relevant, I'm playing on turn-based mode on normal difficulty, without other significant modifiers. The game runs on the latest stable version on Steam. Still enjoying the game a lot, despite the bugs ! :)



Windows 10

NVidia GTX 1060


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