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A Storied Adventurer Achievement Guide ( Spoiler Warning)

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*Well, couldn’t find any guide that specifically targets this in depth and it frustrated me so much that I thought why not make my own guide to help others? So here is my 1st ever Guide for a game for a particularly nasty and irritating achievement:


“A Storied Adventurer Achievement Guide

PS4 Platform


Stronghold Strategy Guide:

Days have absolutely no impact on “Turns.” Turn-in a Quest/Task = 1-2 “Turns.” (This should have been covered by Developer’s comments, along with how Prestige and 2 RNG rolls factor in triggering Adventures, search for it if unsure.)

Turning in a Quest/Task doesn’t necessarily progress a Turn, addendums also factor in this, some quests/tasks are worth more or less than others depending on length, just be patient...

There are many adventures in each Tier of Adventures. Again, be patient and just keep at it. (Look for a guide showing them if interested.)

A Stronghold Adventure triggers every 8 Turns, so get that Main Keep built ASAP. Possible you may not get one at all sometimes. (RNG factor.)

Reloading just to get a different Adventure doesn’t help since the game decides for you long before you trigger an adventure. (RNG variable in play throughout the game.)



Turn 8

No Adventures

- No Trigger (You will NEVER get Minor Adventure this early, no matter how hard you try, the Prestige values just won’t allow it.)


Turn 16 (Day 21)

Average Adventure: (2 Turns)

“The Weaver’s Song”

- 1st (Anything over 3 Prestige with Main Keep repaired since Repairing Main Keep activates Adventures, no Keep, no Adventures) Did this with Maerwald choice (Release Soul option) +2 Prestige while ignoring Security.


Turn 24

Minor Adventure: (1 Turn)

“Sacred Skin”

- 2nd (Get Stronghold to +6 then recruit Ogre as Hireling from Dyrford Crossing *A Farmer’s Plight* quest for -6 = 0 Prestige.) Security irrelevant.


Turn 32

Average Adventure: (2 Turns)

“Mourning Circle”

- 3rd ( Nothing of note)


Turn 40

Major Adventure: (3 Turns)

“The Unworn Path”

- 4th (Triggered at 31 Prestige) Security at 20 although mostly to open new construction options for prestige.


Turn 48 (Day 73)

Grand Adventure: (4 Turns)

“They Who Walk the Stars”

- 5th (Triggered at 36 Prestige)


Turn 56

Grand Adventure: (4 Turns)

“A Place of Great Silence”

- 6th (Prestige at 49 boosted by Hirelings)


*All Adventures here done while in The Dyrwood Region before Defiance Bay becomes unaccessible. Caed Nua Level 7 Before Opening up door with gems.*


*White March Region/Arc* =

(Doesn’t really matter whether you do your quests/tasks/bounties exclusively on Dyrwood Region, just that WM has lots of quests/tasks/bounties to expedite earning Achieve.)


Turn 63

Average Adventure: (2 Turns)

“A Wreathe of Ashes”

- 7th (Prestige at 49, RNG unfavorable, too lazy to go all over the place to influence outcome.)


Turn 72

Major Adventure: (3 Turns)

“St. ifen’s Knot”

- 8th (Prestige at 53 due to +3 Prestigious Visitor. Security at 41.)


Turn 80

Major Adventure: (3 Turns)

“The Celebrant’s Dirge”

- 9th (Same Stats)


Turn 88

Average Adventure: (2 Turns)

“To the Waterline”

- 10th (Same Stats)


Turn 96

Major Adventure: (3 Turns)

“Ring Finger”

- 11th (54 Prestige 39 Security)


Turn 104 (Day 146)

Legendary Adventure: (5 Turns)

“A Solitary Mark”

- 12th (51 Prestige 39 Security)

Notes: Got this after wiping out Magran’s Faithful Bandits Bounty Quest, but before turning in quest completion.

Have to complete full 5 Turns of Legendary Adventure before Achieve triggers.



Turn 111 (Day 150)

A Storied Adventurer Achievement Earned

Total Time Playing Game:

1/14/2019 - 3/12/2019


*What you do from here on out is up to you, finish the game or shelve it. Your call.*


Notes: This was done on a 3rd Play-through (Easy Difficulty since I don’t care how i get it.)

1st Play-through is for majority of Achieves. (Get acquainted with the game and it’s mechanics, feel free to sight-see while you’re at it.)

2nd Play-through is for Relative Pacifism Achieve. (165 Kills) Don’t even try this Achieve while doing this one...Seriously. Don’t.

Careful, if you play too long, 300+ days, you WILL suffer massive lag in loading screen time especially when reloading after wipes. Expect to wait mindlessly for 3-5mins. Your game will also start crashing frequently, eventually every 4-6 loading screens you will crash due to data overload. (This affects even while you are trying to Save your game.)

I also made sure to not put anything in storage inside Brighthallow Inn. (Resting place inside Caed Nua.) Sell or destroy anything that you don’t need. This may help with lessening data while loading.

Dungeon for Caed Nua is utterly worthless, save that $$$ for other things. (If you do, lock yourself in it, stay there and i’ll happily be your sadist. ^_^

Try to get Minor Adventure as early as you can, if your Prestige becomes too high, you may never trigger a Minor Adventure.

Quests/Tasks/Bounties run out eventually, if you haven’t gotten this Achieve by then...Slap Yourself.


This is how i got this irritating Achieve, it may be different for you depending on RNG variables, gameplay, etc. However now you have an idea of what to do. Be Grateful! >;P

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